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When Your Insurance Company Refuses To Honor Your Claim, We Can Help

When a disaster strikes, insurance is meant to ensure that your property is safe and help you feel secure. However, it is not unusual for insurance companies to use bad faith methods and excuses to avoid paying out claims. You deserve justice and the insurance benefits you are owed.

At Franklin, Franklin & Associates, our insurance claims attorneys will advocate for you when your insurance company wrongly denies, delays or underpays your claim. We help clients throughout Texas out of our offices in Beaumont, Wharton, and Houston hold insurers accountable. We understand that your case’s outcome significantly impacts your family, livelihood and property. We take the time to get to know you and develop a personalized plan tailored to your unique situation.

Fighting Back Against Bad Faith Insurance Denials

Working with your insurance company after suffering damages to your home or property can be frustrating. If you have taken the necessary steps and followed your insurer’s requirements throughout the claims process, your next step in finding a resolution is to contact an experienced insurance claims attorney.

Bad faith insurance tactics include:

  • Unnecessary delays
  • Undervaluing claims
  • Claiming damage is due to inadequate maintenance or wear and tear
  • Requesting an unreasonable amount of paperwork
  • Offering less than the claim is worth
  • Denying coverage without proper investigation

At Franklin, Franklin & Associates, we can help you with a variety of insurance claims, including hurricane claims, homeowners insurance, tornado, hail, automobile and boat claims. When you fight back against your insurance company, you can reclaim the full cost of damages to your property as well as statutory penalties, interest, compensation for emotional distress and attorneys fees.

Holding Insurers Accountable

After facing devastating and expensive property damages after a storm or hurricane, you expect your insurance to cover the damages they are supposed to. We won’t let insurance companies take advantage of you and deny or delay your claim. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case by calling 409-359-8892 or completing an online contact form.